Minister of music

Music plays a role in the lives of many different people.

It does not just all about singing and lyrics but it consists of instruments as well.

Mike Freeman, is the minister of music at Christ Church Way of the Cross located in  Cheverly, Md.

He directs the choir, plays the piano and also has a gift of singing, playing the bass and drums.

Mike tells the story of his life of music and describes the importance of music in the church.


“Music” on the Street

Here is another “Music” on the street post where I ask people their favorite music artist. 

Jamar, the manager of the music label, Mobb Boys Productions tells us his favorite artist.

As I stated in a previous post, music has changed from how it was in the past to now.  People have different views about the changing of music.  Jamar finds the change to be for the better.

Sexuality in the music industry

As time go on and as things change sex is becoming more and more of an asset in the music industry.

Sex sells.

I’m sure you have noticed that more female and even male artists area lot  sexual than they used to be. Many females use sex to promote and sell their music.  They are wearing less clothing and just present their bodies in a more sexual way to the public.

This is what brings about attention and money.

It is all about money in the end. That seems to be the reasoning of sexuality in the music industry

The artists are allowing this because this is what seems natural and this is what gives them more money.

I think it is sad and has gone a little too overboard.

Gospel music has changed

Gospel music has been around for a long time. 

It serves for many different purposes just like secular music but is totally different.

It ministers and carries a strong message to its listeners that reflects a religious nature.

In life things change and music is definitely one of them.  Gospel music has changed from then until now.  Not only are their new and different artists with pretty much the same message but the style has changed. 

Suzie has noticed the change in gospel music throughout the years she has been singing.  She feels as though gospel music now is on a different level than it used to be. 

Jamar manages music label

Jamar Samuels is a manager of a music label called Mobb Boys Productions.

He manages three artists.  They are all aspiring rap artists and one of them sings R&B as well.

Mobb Boys Productions is a music label from Washington, DC. 

Jamar has been the manager for two years now.  He plans to make Washington, DC well-known.  He wants the world to see what DC is made of and what they all have to offer to the music industry.

Music artists gay

Music artists are now more open about their sexuality.

Many artists are coming out of the closet or have done so already.  At first some were skeptical about being open because of their reputation and how it would affect their work.

It seems like it is a little more accepting now than it was in the past.

I recently heard about a Christian singer Jennifer Knapp coming out  as a lesbian.

As I stated in one of my earlier posts, Ricky Martin finally came out.  As well as former N’Sync member, Lance Bass and Nicki Minaj is bisexual just to name a few.

I think society is more accepting and used to it now so people are not bothered by it as much as they used to be.

Sanchez strives to meet his goal

Sanchez is hard at work on his mixtape that is soon to come out.

He talks about his journey as a rapper that is trying to make it in the music industry.

Watch and get to know more about who he is and exactly what he is doing.

Towson Students talk about Tigerfest Music

Tigerfest at Towson University is this coming Saturday April 24, 2010.

N.E.R.D. will be the headline group performing.

Students have mixed views regarding the fact that they are performing. Some students are pleased and others are disappointed.

Here we have TU students Amanda Sergi and Danielle Gottlieb expressing their thoughts on Tigerfest 2010.

“Music” on the Street

Their are a lot of talented music artists in the industry right now.

Some are liked more than others.

I decided to do a “music on the street” and go around and ask people their favorite artists and the impact they have made in their lives.


Music Artists Personal Lives Impact Their Music Career

Although celebrities are normal people like everybody else, they will always be seen as different because they are in the spotlight.

A lot of music artists personal lives affects their music career.

Their have been many situations that occured with many artists out there that has changed the publics views and opinions on them.

Some artists have lost fans in the midst of their situations that have become known to the public.

Just to name a few:

  • the incident with Chris Brown and Rhianna
  • Whitney Houston’s drug habit
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce being called “illuminati”

Many fans and people in general have different opinions regarding the artists situations.